Ana the Imp: Ding, dong, Hugo is Dead, Horrible Hugo is Dead!

Ana the Imp: Ding, dong, Hugo is Dead, Horrible Hugo is Dead!.

“Chavez Vive!”, the red-shirted chavs are shouting on the streets of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. No, he is not – Chavez Muerto! Thank goodness that the world is rid of another petty demagogue, a corrupt and degraded icon of the left. It’s a measure of just how degenerate left wing thinking has become when a creature like this is celebrated. Rather have no more heroes anymore than a hero like Horrible Hugo.
By his friends shall ye know him, and lamentations are coming from the likes of Syria’s Basher Bashar al-Assad and our very own Ken Livingstone, King Newt himself. Diane Abbott, that fat thick black racist, said that his death was a ‘tragedy’ for South America. Imam George Galloway described him as ‘Spartacus.’ I wish that the Romans had got to him sooner. “He’s Spartacus”, I would gleefully have shouted.
Obsequies are also coming from Iran’s President Mahmoud Amadinejad. Apparently Saint Hugo will rise from the dead, reappearing among us in the wake Shia Islam’s long awaited Twelfth Imam, which means, of course, it will be the twelfth of never, which will be a long, long time. Then there is the mass outpouring of woe from the readership of the Guardian, a paper, ironically, that would never have survived in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Hmm…maybe there is something to be said for Chavez after all.
We go now to another delusional tyranny; we go to Cuba. There two days of national mourning has been announced, a period of “deep and excruciating sorrow”. It will indeed be deep and excruciating for the Castro mafia if a post-Chavez government cuts off the oil transfusions which have kept their shabby regime afloat for the past few years.
Meanwhile, back in Caracas, the red shirts wail. Oh, woe is them. Vice President Nicolas Maduro led the lamentations. There he is, flailing around the place, blaming shadowy right wing and foreign forces for Chavez’ premature demise. Apparently his cancer might have been plotted from ‘outside.’ Yes, indeed, a successful attack, code named Operation Crab!
Not everyone is as deluded as Maduro and the hysterical canaille in Caracas. There are those in the country who are courageously prepared to speak the truth. “Hate and division was the only thing that he spread”, one man said. “He did a lot of harm because there are no institutions, there is no justice. He mistreated everyone who disagreed with his government.”
Even so the mourning extends, yea, even so far as the United States, that is to say, even so far as the actor Sean Penn. Apparently Chavez’ death is the hardest thing he has had to endure since trying to watch all of ex-wife Robin Wright’s series House of Cards on Netflix. He plans to honour his late buddy by making life a ‘living hell’ for his fellow Americans. I guess he won’t have to do very much then; his mere presence among them should be more than enough. Penn’s counter-attack on the Great Satan will include chain-smoking, which may mean that Operation Crab will soon claim another victim. In that sad event I expect the scenes of hysteria on the streets of Los Angeles greatly to exceed those in Caracas.
Elsewhere there is a lot of pious hand-wring, the usual guff that follows the departure of leaders like this, hated while they were alive, loved now that they are dead. William Hague, our own Foreign Secretary, claims to have been ‘saddened’ by the event. Personally I prefer my hypocrisy in extremely small doses. Evo Morales, Bolivia’s indigenous and semi-literate president, said that Chavez is “more alive than ever.” Actually he’s more dead than ever. Amado Boudou, Argentina’s vice-President, tweeted that “one of the best has left us; you will always be with us.” Never mind the contradiction here. Perhaps he might like to go and find him? I would advise him to hold his nose in the process.
Amidst the guff there is a nugget or two of sanity. The best, I think, comes from Ed Royce, Chairman of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs. “Hugo Chavez was a tyrant,” he said “who forced the Venezuelan people to live in fear. His death dents the alliance of anti-US leftist leaders in South America. Good riddance to this dictator.” Venceremos, Comrade Royce!
The simple fact is that for all of his left-wing credentials, or rather because of his leftist credentials, Hugo Chavez was nothing but a bully and a thug, a fascist by any other name, who did much to destroy the economy of Venezuela for the greater good of…of what, exactly? Why, of himself and his venal, money-grubbing family. Is there anything at all to be said in his favour? There is this much: he over-fulfilled, Stalin-style, aspects of his own five year plan – Venezuela’s murder and inflation rates are now among the highest in the world.
My, how it delights me to speak ill of the dead; how it delights me that Chavez has been swept off to the deepest circle of hell, where he can dance forever with the likes of the late Kim Jon-il.

The world will not record their having been there;
Heaven’s mercy and its justice turn from them.
Let’s not discuss them; look and pass them by…


2 thoughts on “Ana the Imp: Ding, dong, Hugo is Dead, Horrible Hugo is Dead!

  1. mrthursdaygkc
    8 March 2013 04:42

    …Let us descend into the blind world.

    …of bigotry. … of political intolerance.

    He was still a person that died and so evil I think not, so saddened it delights you.

    Obviously you are entitled to your opinions. And I, although diametrically opposed, across a chasm of beliefs, will continue to follow your blog as it is wonderfully written.


    Anastasia F-B
    10 March 2013 17:02

    Mr Thursday, first and foremost I am delighted to have you as a reader.

    I’m delighted that you think my blog is well-written. I hope you appreciate me also for my honesty and integrity. I simply cannot regret the departure of this man, no more than I could have regretted the departure of Stalin. I think he served his country ill; I think he served humanity ill. He does not deserve to be celebrated in the way he has been, considering the damage he did while alive. Sic semper tyrannis.

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