Islandic bard gave my Nr.1 son a poem…

a new dylan’s born

it was a rockpoet who begot his name

from the welsh drunkard         not the other way around

though we blow more with yankee-bob today

(and sometimes in the wind)

than with the welsh wordsmith mr.thomas


our brand new dylan

is probably the lucky one

not because he now owns the same soil as pablo

or breaths the same air as neruda did

but because:

if you cross gene-pools

of thomas and neruda

with the winds of bob still a blowin’

you’re bound to get results           of proportions

which the world will always welcome

this the middle named father benjamin

mild heart

his love for the little boy

and with lorca and llosa under his arm


to the world

of unwritten words

little man!

Bardi Valdimarrson

NOTE: I tried to preserve the formatting from the original…

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