Flashy Mosquito Mashing!

Flashy Mosquito Mashing!

Mosquitos a-ah
Scourge of the Universe
Mosquitos a-ah
They’ll savour every one of us…

(Seemingly there is no reason for these extraordinary intergalactical upsets)
(Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha)
(What’s happening? Mosquitos!)
(Only Doctor Hans Zarkhov, formerly at NASA, has provided any explanation)

Mosquitos a-ah
It’s a miracle

(This morning’s unprecedented solar eclipse is no cause for alarm)

Mosquitos a-ah
Culicidae of the impossible!

There after every one of us
Feed from every one of us
Sucks with a mighty proboscis
Every man, every woman
Every child, with a mighty
High pitched humming sound

(General Kala, Mosquitos approaching.)
(What do you mean Mosquitos approaching? Open fire! All weapons! Dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back their bodies)

Mosquitos a-ah
(There alive!)

Mosquitos a-ah
They’ll feed on every one of us

Just mosquitos
With mosquito’s courage
You know it’s
Nothing but mosquitos
And they will never fail
None but the pure blooded
May find the itchy wheal

(Mosquitos, Mosquitos, I hate you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!)


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