Burn OUT Fade OUT

‘It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.’ – Bod Dylan

Blow out the candle, just fade out.

Blow up the candle, fade out to pieces…

Below the candle, faded out by worms…

Bellow, “Candle!”, a loud fade out.

Bell and Candle, pub name fading.

Beyond can dwell, has faded.

Be or not to be, the latter when faded.

Bee, an old embroidery faded.

Between worlds, bilateral fading.

Betwixt a rock and a hard place, difficult fade out.

Beatrix’s Peter Rabbit, hops off to fade away.

Be tricked into petering habits, and fades.

Bi or tri cycle, goes around and fades away.

Biological processes, DNA replication fading.

Be logical, procreate before fade away.

Blog for creation, be for evolutionary fade out.

Bog full of cretins, forever fading away.

Buffalo in tins, preservative preventing fade out.

Buff a loo president, shine fades off.

Boohoos, fade out.

Bade fade away.

Bad fading.

Baa! Fade out!


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