Hollalluogi* Or Bust

Hollalluog – Welsh for ‘Bread of Heaven’ from famous Welsh Hymn: ‘Cwm Rhondda’


Oh Gee! I found an Ogi!

A… Gi? No! An Ogi!

What is an Ogi?

A soggy moggy?

A dodgy podgy doggy?

A bogey picking bogeys while boogying and going boo? Gee…

A foggy joggy over loggies, into quogis*1 that oogis*1 ?

To run roggy loosing logies in running toggies?

Not a coggy, clump of cogs, or a croggy*2?

Not a hoggy*3 or a hoogie?

As it’s in voggie to yogi and not yet in to wogi or zogi, a new philosphogi?

I am happy for my Ogi though I have not the foggiogist what it is?

*1 quagmires that ooze lots

*2 ride on the back of a bike colloquial British

*3 cute hog of course


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