Verisimilitude – Like IT Or Lick IT

Like It or Lick It

your fake good book may deserved to be liked
your real post about fake bad book may be liked
your post even if I disagree with the entirety can be liked
your post that catches the eye for an instance but not read can also be liked
your post about the post about a fake book which includes a point of view different from myself can also be liked
this comment about about your post on your blog describing the latter can even be liked
maybe this comment is a fake
its simply a question of verisimilitude!

Nice post about a post reviewing a fake book and the fact it was liked!

I suppose it is tricky to find out how many times it was licked…

I do truly suspect that most likers (…and lickers if you are out there) of this blog are like what they see in the ‘WP reader’ and do not delve deeper…(presumably the lickers know that sticking the tongue further in can reap rewards!)

UPDATE: (next day) My comment is still awaiting moderation…Oh well.

His poetry is pretty awesome go and check it out, hit post link above 🙂

Read (or NOT!) the poems and like or lick them…just clean your screen afterwards if the latter…


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