© Field – Mashed

I was followed yesterday

Not scared I turned to investigate

I found a nice blog with some great shots



Glowing Field caught my eye and I delved in only to find I had entered into Natali’s own space:

‘As time went on, the glowing field became my “Happy” place.
My daydream.
My escape from reality.
My last thought before falling asleep.
The first thought in the morning.
My obsession.’

The whole page was amazing except for one little thing…

the yellow © NATALI S. BRAVO on each picture…it spoiled the overall effect of the post and for me, even detracted from the art as a whole.


I suppose photo theft really is a problem online nowadays, I know I am a grabber but I hope and try always to give credit to the creator.

It has yet to happen that someone has objected to my mashing…




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