TIME…Out of Time


An old drawing I did that my Mum is insistent on entering into her local cinema’s ‘art’ competition, somehow it makes me proud and happy but leaves me feeling about 11 years old!

VERTIGOHitchcock described as”boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy meets girl again, boy loses girl again”.


“Time is met, time is lost, time is found again, more time is lost.”

Out of time
we fall
used oxymoronically
give birth
moving images
chronologically ordered
time relative to itself
sequential, consecutive, and repetitive
indefinite continued progress
existence and events
past, present and future
a whole
into infinity
we fly.


And by coincidence another poem about time by Keith Garrett:


And stranger yet by the Lady of the Cakes:

The Ultimate In Productivity Voodoo: The Egg vs. Graham

Photo of original drawing after being emailed around the planet and edited to be sent back around the planet...

Photo of original drawing after being emailed around the planet and edited to be sent back around the planet…


Was amazed to find Vertigo at the top of the BFI best films EVER list!





4 thoughts on “TIME…Out of Time

    • your welcome 🙂

      ‘A shrine to plugs featuring plugs’…er maybe a non-starter for me, my wife has been complaining about the lack of a plug for the bath for over a year and neither of us has broken down and gotten one!

      Bottle top and cellophane works a treat!

      • Who has a bath these days… no need for a plug when you take a shower, is there?! Although, I quite like mine. It keeps the cockroaches out of the flat.

      • Well when you put the kids in it to play it is nice to have the ability to retain water!

        Greatest luxury in life is to sit in a large bath of hot water with a cup of tea and a good book. Topping up with hot when it starts to cool with the big toe… its been too long since I have had time or a bath tub big enough for that!

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