Smart Cop Kaleided With Discrimination

PC Carol Howard

As quoted in the Telegraph

‘The Metropolitan Police discriminated against a black female officer because of her race and sex, an employment tribunal has concluded.

Britain’s largest force faces a compensation claim from Carol Howard after a judgment found that she was ”singled out and targeted” for almost a year.

The 34-year-old, a firearms officer in the Diplomatic Protection Group (DPG), brought a claim of discrimination at the Central London Employment Tribunal earlier this year.

A judgment issued by the panel which heard the case found that the Met ”directly discriminated” against Ms Howard ”on the grounds of sex and race” between 31 January and 29 October 2012.

A number of Ms Howard’s complaints of ”victimisation” were ”well-founded”, the tribunal added.’

The Guardian also covered this using Sean Dempseys striking photo

Carol Howard

The telegraph photo used for the montage was by PA/Camera Press


Scariest part of all this is, ‘She also claimed the Met have not learned the lessons of the Macpherson report, the 1999 review into the investigation into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence that branded the force “institutionally racist”.’