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David Denison Portrait by Britton Brothers

Britton Brothers

From their own blog: http://www.brittonbrothers.com/blog/index.php?page=3

DAVID DENISON (11th Jul 2013)


‘Looking through some of the great paintings that Dave Denison painted in the 70’s and 80’s I think it is a shame he ever put down the brush. For him however, he is on a more important journey. I’m unsure what this is but he reassures me we’re all taking it together. He always has his nose in a book or at his computer screen, decoding words and transforming them into numerical values. Obsessing about the number nine or five (I should write this 9 or 5 for his sake really),he tries his best to teach me his learned findings, but alas it is lost.

With a glazed look in my eyes we move onto other subjects of conversation and with this my interest is captured once more as he casually talks about the time he was in conversation with Lee Miller at her home where she lived with Roland Penrose. Through Penrose he met other great artists from the Surrealist movement and Dada. In fact the creator of Dada, Max Ernst travelled over from the continent to view an exhibition of Dave’s work in London.

With Dave continueing his history of when he used to paint, I photograph him in various rooms of his house which are filled with interesting artifacts which, according to him and astro physicians are resonating energy. A great man who will remain with me

A few images of the artist and his home can be viewed in the Portfolio section of the site.’

I would love to see more portraits of this creative individual.