Marsh Mellow

marsh mellow

Marsh Mellow

Folky goings on in a swamp.
White soggy sugar based confections.
Cracked ivory bones protrude from the mushy marrow.

Drumsticks dripping gore bashed against skin drums.
Toasted, caramel, sweet yet carbonized odors rise…
Slimy offal, fatty gelatinous ooze floats.

Sonorous wailings splish-splash into the pea soup.
Pustular white blobs sinking in a sea of chocolate.
Holes sucked dry of juices pock mark.

Mellow marshes, marshmallows and marrow mush.


TIME…Out of Time


An old drawing I did that my Mum is insistent on entering into her local cinema’s ‘art’ competition, somehow it makes me proud and happy but leaves me feeling about 11 years old!

VERTIGOHitchcock described as”boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy meets girl again, boy loses girl again”.


“Time is met, time is lost, time is found again, more time is lost.”

Out of time
we fall
used oxymoronically
give birth
moving images
chronologically ordered
time relative to itself
sequential, consecutive, and repetitive
indefinite continued progress
existence and events
past, present and future
a whole
into infinity
we fly.


And by coincidence another poem about time by Keith Garrett:


And stranger yet by the Lady of the Cakes:

The Ultimate In Productivity Voodoo: The Egg vs. Graham

Photo of original drawing after being emailed around the planet and edited to be sent back around the planet...

Photo of original drawing after being emailed around the planet and edited to be sent back around the planet…


Was amazed to find Vertigo at the top of the BFI best films EVER list!



Verisimilitude – Like IT Or Lick IT

Like It or Lick It

your fake good book may deserved to be liked
your real post about fake bad book may be liked
your post even if I disagree with the entirety can be liked
your post that catches the eye for an instance but not read can also be liked
your post about the post about a fake book which includes a point of view different from myself can also be liked
this comment about about your post on your blog describing the latter can even be liked
maybe this comment is a fake
its simply a question of verisimilitude!

Nice post about a post reviewing a fake book and the fact it was liked!

I suppose it is tricky to find out how many times it was licked…

I do truly suspect that most likers (…and lickers if you are out there) of this blog are like what they see in the ‘WP reader’ and do not delve deeper…(presumably the lickers know that sticking the tongue further in can reap rewards!)

UPDATE: (next day) My comment is still awaiting moderation…Oh well.

His poetry is pretty awesome go and check it out, hit post link above 🙂

Read (or NOT!) the poems and like or lick them…just clean your screen afterwards if the latter…

Hollalluogi* Or Bust

Hollalluog – Welsh for ‘Bread of Heaven’ from famous Welsh Hymn: ‘Cwm Rhondda’


Oh Gee! I found an Ogi!

A… Gi? No! An Ogi!

What is an Ogi?

A soggy moggy?

A dodgy podgy doggy?

A bogey picking bogeys while boogying and going boo? Gee…

A foggy joggy over loggies, into quogis*1 that oogis*1 ?

To run roggy loosing logies in running toggies?

Not a coggy, clump of cogs, or a croggy*2?

Not a hoggy*3 or a hoogie?

As it’s in voggie to yogi and not yet in to wogi or zogi, a new philosphogi?

I am happy for my Ogi though I have not the foggiogist what it is?

*1 quagmires that ooze lots

*2 ride on the back of a bike colloquial British

*3 cute hog of course

TIPS for writing

Writing TIPS

simple stuff

pimply tush

implied to shush

pissed street tough

sip tea from trough

pity not sufficient

tip was suspicious

plan it, surf

planet  is Earth

Inspired by:

5. Leave spelling and grammar to the very end

‘An editor will help you tidy up what you can’t. Anybody can spell, but it takes real magic to write. Don’t ever let it stop you saying what you want to say. And if you don’t know a word – make one up!’

Great stuff from Author: Laura Dockrill