Dog Gone It! Or Tie Nog God!



Good Dog
God Dog
Dog God

HA HA laughed the reader!
Great stuff said the red ear!
Oh shut up Re: dear…ah! ah!

Look what you have done to me…
not kool.
loo k ton
Lo… OK! Ton
Not KO Ol!

Stop it now
won tip ots…
Won’t I pots


Palindrome inspired play all the fault of a Sherlock Holmes story that turned into a Dr. Who story that…well lets find out…


Ed O sip E 7 (guilty of starting this nonsense!)

Never Odd Or Even

Ever Odd and quite unevenly brilliant

T nail lir by L neve nue tiuq dna ddo reve



Horses For Courses: A Chiasmus?

Course its a horse

Stole one of my Niece’s photos of a horse…messed with it in ‘PAINT’


In rhetoric, a verbal pattern (a type of antithesis) in which the second half of an expression is balanced against the first with the parts reversed. Essentially the same as antimetabole.

Note that a chiasmus includes anadiplosis, but not every anadiplosis reverses itself in the manner of a chiasmus.

“Fair is foul, and foul is fair.”
(William Shakespeare, Macbeth I.i)

“We do not get good laws to restrain bad people. We get good people to restrain bad laws”
Guess who?

Fairy Sheparding!

We fall over images all the time…today Led Zeppelin – Mothership on Youtube…tripped me up and took me for a ride!

I have seen his work before: It’s great!

Great discussion about this ‘outed’ street artist:

His Peace mural got him into trouble in DK: labelled “Obama illuminati”

…has a nice ring to it actually…maybe danish ‘anarchists’ should go back to spray painting  the phrase “Fuck capitalism” on buildings around town…original bunch!

Mr. Shepard Fairey said afterwards,

“I’m not a huge fan of the cops anyway. The only thing I could see coming out of it was further media commentary like ‘street artist whiner Shepard Fairey can’t hold it down in a fight so he snitches to the cops’.”

Day of the Tentacle – Cephalopod Madness

“I feel like I could… like I could… like I could… TAKE ON THE WORLD!!”

“caught in the tentacles of organized crime”